Nya tag

Bloggen har legat på is ett bra tag, så välkommen tillbaka får jag börja med att säga. Lite äldre och förhoppningsvis lite mer erfaren. I alla fall flera erfarenheter rikare när det handlar om triathlon. År 2016 var tävlingsmässigt ett kanonår för mig och jag är väldigt nöjd med säsongen som sådan, även om jag inte […]

Irrelevant Comparisons

How many hours a week are you training? Why are you training so much/so little? You know you should be doing this, or that, or something else… or everything differently? Why don’t you run further, harder, shorter, slower, more, backwards….? Have you seen this schedule, that schedule, how […]

Ironman Widows

On relationships. Jokes aside, training for an Ironman or any other ultra-event can be challenging, not just for the athlete. Time away from family and friends, an obsession with training, a shift in priorities, and moodiness due to lack of sleep and recovery can be even more (?) […]

Running With Meatballs

You know, meatballs. Not a meatball-flavored gel or anything, but actual meatballs. We have a puppy, an adorable hunting Labrador named Zita. Adding a puppy into the already slightly chaotic family equation has worked pretty well. At least for the other members of the family. I seem to […]


Alan Olive is the Director of 1 High Performance Coaching, one of the leading practitioners and consultants to Olympic sports. The company designs and delivers world leading development programs for Elite coaches. In addition, Alan provides 1-to-1 coaching to coaches and coach developers but he also has a […]

This Is How We Roll

Welcome to my blog… a blog about combining a hectic family life, high training volumes, and competing in long distance triathlons. This is a blog about daring to set ambitious goals, without losing sight of the most important things in life – family, health, and having fun. I […]


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